Bike City

A bicycle shop in San Antonio that prides itself on customer-service and approachability


Bike City is a small, local bike shop in north San Antonio that caters to the needs of the family and is invested in the bike culture and community of San Antonio. An avid biker himself, Chris Price and Luis Gallardo, the owner of a bike shop in San Antonio, met and became friends through their shared love of the sport. Price became an investor and co-owner in the venture, and helped reinvent the bike shop in 2002.


As a result, Bike City has expanded and has become more profitable, even in the competitive Internet age, through its approachable and knowledgeable staff and the availability of family-friendly bikes and accessories.

Bike City understands what people want in the bike world – a helpful staff that isn’t intimidating or cliquish, cycling lines that are reputable and high-quality, and excellent customer service and repair capabilities.

Visit Bike City’s website.

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